Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nicholas defies his brother, weds Romanian beauty

November 9, 1931

The Associated Press is reporting the marriage of Prince Nicholas of Romania and Joanna Dumitrescu-Doletti, a divorced Romanian woman who is not of noble blood.  The marriage took place "after a wild dash by automobile" in an attempt to escape the disapproval of Nicholas' older brother, King Carol II.

The mayor of Tohani, a small village near Bezeu, said he was "compelled" by the Prince to perform the ceremony, which took place yesterday.

When Carol heard about the marriage, he ordered "all records of the ceremony destroyed."  The Bucharest government is denying that "any marriage had taken place."

Prince Nicholas is the second son of the late King Ferdinand and Queen Marie.  He is known to be one of the fastest drivers in Romania, and he "burned the highways and country lanes at breakneck speed for 125 miles before he could be frustrated by the king," according to press reports, which came from "border sources.

Tohani's mayor knew he could not marry the prince without the king's permission.  But as he was "confronted by the determined" groom and his "slim, dark-haired companion,"  he felt he could not "decline the honor, so he nervously tied the knot."

But as soon as the newlyweds got into their car and sped off, the mayor regained his senses and made a frantic telephone call to Bucharest. "I married Prince Nicholas, who made me do it."

Prince Nicholas met his wife on a highway, where he stopped to help her fix a flat tire.  He fell in love, and he decided he had to marry her.    He went to visit his brother, who flatly denied his request.

Nicholas reminded Carol of his role in the king's "dramatic and triumphant" return to Romania in June 1930.  But Carol would not change his mind, so Nicholas angrily departed the room.

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