Friday, April 24, 2009

The marriage of Prince Georg of Denmark and Anne, Viscountess Anson

"The Queen and Princess Margaret motored from Balmoral to Glamis Castle on Saturday to attend the family luncheon party which followed the marriage of Prince Georg of Denmark, Acting Military Attaché, and the Viscountess Anson," reports The Times on September 18, 1950.

The couple was married in the private chapel at Glamis Chapel. The Rev. M. Buch, the chaplain to the Danish Seamen's Mission in Newcastle, officiated at the ceremony. The lesson was read by Canon H.G.G. Rorison, who is the chaplain to the Earl of Strathmore. The bride was given away by her grandfather, Lord Clinton. She wore "a gown of blue and silver brocade, with a close fitting-bodice, a deep V-neckline, and long, tight sleeves, and the skirt forming a slight train." The new Princess Georg of Denmark "wore a small feathered cap to match her dress and carried a hand-spray of white stephanotis, orchids, and lapageria."

The guests included the groom's parents, Prince and Princess Axel of Denmark, the Crown Prince of Norway, Princess Ragnhild and Princess Astrid of Norway, Prince Carl Bernadotte, Princess Josephine Charlotte of Belgium, and Count and Countess Flemming af Rosenborg. Count Flemming, who is Prince Georg's brother, served as best man.

Lord Strathmore presided at the luncheon party. Other guests included the Hon. Mrs. John Bowes-Lyon, Miss Diana Bowes-Lyon, Lord and Lady Clinton, the Earl and Countess Granville, Lord Levson, Lady Mary Levson Gower, the Hon. David and Mrs. Bowes-Lyon, Mr. Simon Bowes-Lyon, the Hon. Mrs. H. Fane, Captain the Hon. Duthac and Mrs. Carnegie, Mr. SJL Egerton and the bride's son and daughter, the Hon. Patrick and Hon. Elizabeth Anson.


Bev Stephans said...

I'm so glad you put this snippet in your blog. It was interesting seeing who the wedding guests were and Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret coming for the reception, but not the wedding. I had heard that Queen Elizabeth, on the advice of the powers that be, stayed away from the wedding.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

The Queen Elizabeth is of course the Queen Mother, and not the current Queen. Anne Anson was divorced, so it would not have been possible for the Queen consort or her daughter to have attended the wedding, even if it was a religious ceremony, of a relative or anyone else, due to the Church's stance on divorce at the time.

Michelle said...

marlene -

apparently the church still has the same stance, as the current queen didn't attend her own SON'S wedding when the prince of wales married camilla a few years ago... again, on the advice that it wouldn't be appropriate to attend as both of the couple were divorced. she did however throw a party for them afterward, i believe it was at windsor castle.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...


Please get your facts right. The Queen did not attend the civil marriage at the town hall in Windsor. She did attend the church service, which was not a wedding, but a service of blessing on the civil marriage. Charles and Camilla had a service of Blessing at St George's at Windsor Castle, which was followed by a reception. The Church of England, which does now allow the marriage of divorced people (although Charles and Camilla chose to have a service of blessing), the Church of England also has a Service of Blessing on a civil marriage ...this is what Charles and Camilla had - and the queen attended as did other members of the Royal Family. It was televised around the world.