Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Ingrid in California


April 7, 1939

Crown Prince Frederick and Crown Princess Ingrid of Denmark and Iceland are in Santa Barbara, California, today, reports the Los Angeles Times. They visited a small town Solvang, where most of the 400 residents are of Danish extraction. They also attended a Good Friday service at a local Lutheran church, drove through the grounds of Attertag College, and stopped for coffee and pastries at the "ultra-modern American Legion Building."

In the evening, they will be the guests of honor at a reception at the Biltmore Hotel, which is being hosted by local Danish societies.

As the couple left Los Angeles, they stopped to say goodbye and to shake the hands of each of the local police escorts, who were now turning over the security duties to law enforcement officials in Ventura county.

At the reception at the American Legion building, Crown Prince Frederik said: To find out traditions in our fatherland in new surroundings makes them only more beloved to us. We have been bathed in sunlight ever since we began this memorable day and now we have driven into a bit of Denmark tucked into this beautiful California.

"As we came over the pass into this amazing valley of Santa Ynez, I was reminded of the Jutland of which I am fond. It was a moving sight to see the two flags, the Dannebrog and the Stars and Stripes, fluttering side by side on the front of our car as we sped along.

"Princess Ingrid and I count ourselves fortunate to have celebrated this Good Friday in your handsome little church under the ministry of your good pastor, Rev. Moeller.

"I bring you cordial greetings from my parents, the King and Queen, who ask to be remembered to Danes in America, both those whom they have met personally and to all. They will be delighted to learn how well you cherish Danish traditions and Danish customs.

"On behalf of the Crown Princess and myself let me say that this will be a memorable experience for years to come. It is a delight to close the day in Danish fashion, around the old-fashioned coffee table."

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