Monday, June 24, 2019

The Missing Ascot carriage from Day 4

copyright Ken Stone

I was rather disappointed that I did not see any photos of carriage 3 on Day 4 of Royal Ascot.  The carriage included Lady Alexandra Etherington and her husband Mark (the other two people are Australian race horse trainer Chris Waller and his wife Stephanie).

Lady Alexandra, who will celebrate her 60th birthday this year, is the daughter of the late Duke of Fife, only son of HH Princess Maud and the Earl of Southesk.

Princess Maud was the younger of two daughters of HRH Princess Louise, Princess Royal and the first Duke of Fife.   Louise was the third child and eldest daughter of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra.

Maud's elder sister, Alexandra, succeeded to the Fife dukedom in 1912 by special remainder.   As Louise did not have any surviving sons,  Queen Victoria issued a letters patent that allowed the  peerage to be inherited by the Duke of Fife's two daughters and their male heirs.    Alexandra, who married Prince Arthur of Connaught (her mother's first cousin) in October 1913, died in 1959, and was succeeded by her nephew, James, then styled as Lord Carnegie, as his father was the Earl of Southesk.    The Duchess of Fife's only son, Alistair, died unmarried in 1943.   The Countess of Southesk died two years later on December 14, 1945, thus putting her son, James, in the position as heir to his father's earldom and his aunt's dukedom.

Lady Alexandra was named in honor of her late great-aunt.   She is married to Mark Etherington.  They are the parents of a 17-year-old daughter, Amelia.

Thank you, Ken, for allowing me to use this photograph.

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JP.HH said...

Anyone can use the picture. It’s on the internet. Tap, copy, paste! TA da!

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

You are quite wrong. copyright law applies to the Internet In the last ten years, I have used the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to go after people who have used my photos without permission. I have closed down one blog for the three strikes out, several Tumblr and Pinterest accounts as well. In all cases I won, with the photos being removed or the account closed. I also teach copyright to my students as I am an academic librarian.

In fact, Ken's photo is protected for his entire lifetime as well as for a period after his death ...