Tuesday, June 18, 2019

King Harald confirms conversation with Martha Louise about her title

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King Harald of Norway has confirmed in an interview that has been having a dialog with his only daughter, Princess Martha Louise about the commercial use of her title "Princess."

The interview took place earlier today with Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

Last month, Martha Louise's younger brother, Crown Prince Haakon, told NRK that he wanted to have a conversation with his sister about the use of her title for business purposes.

King Harald and Queen Sonja spoke to NRK during a visit to Jondal and Odda.

"At the present time,  we cannot get far in the conversation, but we are trying to get an order."

Princess Martha Louise has been criticized for the use of her title in the promotion of her lecture tour, the Princess and the Shaman,  with her new partner, Durek Verrett.

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