Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Prince of Isenburg (1943-2018)

HSH The Prince of Isenburg died on May 5 after a long illness. He was 74 years old.

He was born Prince Franz Alexander Karl Friedrich Christian Hubert Georg Gabriel Maria, the third child and only son of Joseph Franz Ferdinand Maria Karl Hermann Alexius Vincenz von Paula and Countess Irina Tolstoy, was born at Birstein on July 22, 1943.  He married Countess Christine von Saurma in January 14, 1968.

The Prince and Princess and the Hereditary Prince and Prince of Isenburg @Fürstenhaus Isenburg)

The Prince is survived by his wife, Christine, his four children, Alexander, who succeeds as the Prince of Isenburg),  Katharina, the wife of Archduke Martin of Austria,  Isabelle, Princess of Wied, Sophie, the wife of Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and Prince Viktor, and fourteen grandchildren:  Princesses Alix and Zita of Isenburg, Archdukes Bartholomeus, Emanuel and Luigi, Archduchess Helena,  Princes Carl Friedrich, Louis Ferdinand and Heinrich of Prussia, Princess Emma of Prussia and Princess Amala of Isenburg.

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