Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Royalty Digest Quarterly How to Subscribe -- and you should Subscribe

Are you looking for a royal magazine that focuses on the history and not on the fashions or the latest gossip about Prince Harry.    Royalty Digest Quarterly is published by Ted Rosvall.  RDQ specializes in royal history with articles written by experts in their field. (Yes, I do write for the magazine)

 Don't expect articles on the Duchess of Cambridge's third pregnancy.

Subscribe to Royalty Digest Quarterly, now in our 12th year, a journal devoted to the history, genealogy, and images of the Royal Families of Europe. In every issue, which all have 64 pages in large format and over 120 illustrations, we present one dynasty in text, pictures, and pedigrees. Plus a lot of other articles, book reviews, and royal news.
Subscribe at or via email (
SEK 480 per year (approximately £46, €50 or $60) including postage.
All 46 back issues are still available.


Angelo said...

Hi Miss Marlene, I tried to subscribe to Royalty Digest, but when putting in my payment infos I get a message from my browser that the connection is not secure. How can I subscribe with a secure connection or PayPal? Thank you very much for helping. Angelo

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

I do not run the magazine. Contact Ted. Email in the article.