Thursday, June 15, 2017

BUSTED Fake "Prince Stefan" finally nabbed

from the faux prince's Facebook page

Italian police have arrested two men, CS and SS, pretending to be Prince Stefan Crnojevic of Montenegro, and his valet, on the charges of " false declaration of identity, and possession and manufacture of forged identity documents."

I first wrote about this loser in 2014 when he bestowed the title countess on Pamela Anderson.   "Stefan" threatened me with a lawsuit for defamation.    I laughed it off then, as now.   In fact, I think I get the last laugh.

The arrests were made in Turin.  The Italian police have been pursuing a case against the two men, since 2016,  who have not been named, and are known only by their initials.  

So happy to see the faux prince and his sidekick brought down a few pegs.  They can lament about their deceit in an Italian jail, one hopes.

Poor Pamela ... not so bright after all.

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