Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pamela Anderson gives blondes a bad name

I don't make this stuff up.

Pamela Anderson, who starred in that "classic" drama, Baywatch, is giving blondes a bad name.  The Canadian-born-naturalized American citizen recently accepted the this " prestigious title of Grand Dame of Montenegro" from His Imperial and Royal Highness, Stephan Tchernetich, Hereditary Prince of Montenegro, Serbia, and Albania, Voivodina, Hereditary Titular Emperor of Constantinople, Romania and Greece.

This "honor" was given to the 47-year-old former Playboy Playmate received the "award" for "recognition of my activism in defense of animals and especially of marine
life in our Ocean." 

Is Pamela Anderson so vain or gullible or ignorant or desperate .... fill in the blank ... that she would accept an award without bothering to check if the person calling himself Prince Stefan was actually a real prince.

He's not. He's fraud.   He claims to live maintain a court in Belgrade, which is new to me, as I have been to Belgrade three times as the guest of Crown Prince Alexander, whose father was the last king of Yugoslavia.  Not once did I bump into this "Prince,"  certainly not at the Royal Palace compound or at the State Funeral, or even at the wonderful ice cream shop, Ice Box, at Knez Mihailova 52, in Belgrade.

It's one thing to claim one throne (Serbia), but he adds Montenegro, Roumania, Greece and Albania to his conquests.  He's definitely not the Hereditary Prince of Montenegro.  Nor is he an heir to Roumania, Greece or Albania (the Prince of Albania is a Moslem.)

I have been to Montenegro, a lovely little country.  The real head of the former ruling house, Prince Nikola,  represents the country at official events.  Albania's Prince Leka II lives in Tirana.    I have also been to Bucharest, and I can say I know members of the Roumanian Royal Family, including His Majesty King Michael.   I have corresponded with and have met several times King Constantine II and Queen Anne Marie.

Pamela Anderson's "acting" career is long over (although her sex tapes may still be popular), but she does need to smarten up and verify the credentials of someone wanting to give her an honor.  (I would not be surprised if there was a donation to the Prince's er um  charity.)

After reading her acceptance speech, I realized Anderson may be a few fries short of a Happy Meal these days.    Sorry to say this:  Pamela Anderson is a dumb blonde.  Embarrassing, to say the least.

"Prince Stefan's" office is in Monte Carlo.  Doubt he pals around with the Prince and Princess of Monaco.

[received a comment, which I deleted, from one of Stefan's minions, who claims that the Vatican has all the documents proving his case.  Sure.  Absolutely.  Right ...NOT.]


juan said...

He shows pictures in his web with Prince and Princess of Monaco, theirs nephews Casiraghi, Empress Farah of Iran and Sergei of Yougoslavia. Even he has a picture with Prince Nikola of Montenegro but I don't belive Prince Nikola knew, when that picture was taken, he wants " to steal " his title . These kind of people should be in jail, it's a crazy.

Anonymous said...

Just for information , the Prince Stefan Cernetic never say he was the Prince Nicolas , The Cernetic family was ruling the Montenegro , Albania , Macedonia from the 9 century AC to the 14 century , there is a lot of documentation about it specially in Italy . Monseigneur Luigi Casolini just gave him the 17 of September the highest order of Saint Sylvester , the Grand collier , you can see it on the news of the official web site of Saint Sylvester in Tivoli , this is the oldest Papal order . The vatican know every thing about him and he is the first Orthodox to have it .
His family is well know in the south in Italy because his ancestor manage to stop the Muslim invasion from Albania . if you want book and document i will be happy to give you all the link .
Many document despairs with Tito so it is not well documented anymore in west Europe . I agree on it , it was myself not easy to find out in Belgium or France . But you can trust the Vatican , they know very well who he is and his family according to their well documented archives . i know you are a specialist as well so if you have any disclose information please inform us .

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

And I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn .. the Cernetic line is extinct ... and this guy is a fraud .. period.

Maureen said...

And with the Vatican, if you have money or can do favors they take you seriously. Not so much if you don't.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Maureen, the comments from "jean" are spurious. There is no grand collier of St Sylvester, and if Casolini actually gave such an honor, he could be defrocked ...

jean said...

Dear Marlene , we may not be always agree but i have to admit you are right on this one , It is not the Grand collar of the order of Saint Sylvester , it is the Grand collar of the association of Saint sylvester , it is a side association from Tivoli near Rome and about 80 % of the members come from the Papale order of Saint Sylvester . The association is like a lobie force from the order , made of lawyer , States officer , business man etc ... .and Monseignor Luigi Casolini is the top master of the association . So you was right and i apologise for the error . Italy is a bit confusing sometime .

Drexel Gregory said...

This is funny. It's impossible for him to have any Vatican title, because the Vatican won't grant any Knighthoods to anyone who is also a member of an illegitimate knighthood. People granted a certain Vatican Knighthood have to take and sign an oath that they won't accept any fake honours.

The thing with Vatican knighthood medals is that there are manufacturers in Rome that make and sell them to anyone who wants to buy them. So really anyone can wear the decorations because anyone can buy them, real knight or not. Apparently that is how he got his insignia for the Constaninian Order.

Next, the actual knighthood orders given to royals and heads of state don't even include the Order of Saint Sylvester. I'm not gonna write here what the real ones are because I don't wanna tip these fraudsters off.

Don't drag the Vatican into your nonsense. Go pretend to have knighthoods from the Queen instead :)

I saw this guy's Facebook page. It's hilarious. I stumbled on him because Inside Edition covered Pamela Anderson's phony knighthood and exposed why it's fake.

jean said...

One again you was right , one year ago i found this Cernetic story was actually all invented .

GG said...

Sorry, but you are not well informed, he did hang around Monaco's Prince, there are pictures on the Internet, check'em out. Plus, if you write articles, I'd suggest you check your spelling. Roumania is wrong! As far as the guy is concerned, he is a freaking genius and I am sorry he got arrested. He gave me some good chuckles!

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Yes, there is a photo with Albert -- who has posed with other shady folks at all. Actually Roumania is one of three English spellings of the country (Rumania, which the New York Times used for many years) and Romania. The Times of London used Roumania as the name of the country until about 1999. Not so smart are you. Both you and he are freakin stupid