Friday, April 21, 2017

Little Princess gets a rocking horse for birthday

April 21, 1927

Princess Elizabeth of York celebrated her first birthday today in the nursery at Windsor Castle, reports the Associated Press.  She received numerous gifts, including a "dapple gray rocking horse and a talking doll."  The latter two gifts were presents from the princess's paternal grandparents, King George V and Queen Mary.

Other gifts came from "various parts" of the world.  The princess' parents, the Duke and Duchess of York sent "radio greetings" from Australia, where they are on an official visit.

The Prince of Wales also sent a present.  He is visiting Spain at the moment.

Princess Elizabeth's birthday party took play in the nursery with her aunt, Princess Mary, Viscountess Lascelles, in charge.  The King and Queen are Wales, where they opened a national museum at Cardiff.

The three-layer cake had plain white iceing and a "long candle of blue," the Duchess of York's favorite color.  The guests included the Hon. George and the Hon. Gerald Lascelles, Princess Mary's two sons, and Alexander Ramsey, the son of Lady Patricia Ramsay, formerly Princess Patricia of Connaught.

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Diane Brown said...

I see little Princess Charlotte in that face. Wow!