Friday, April 21, 2017

King Paul takes the oath of office

April 21, 1947

King Paul formally took the office today as the sixth King of Greece, reports the Associated Press.  In his speech he said guerrillas whose end their resistance to the Greek government would be received "as a father receives his repentant child."

The King stood before Parliament and "repeated the oath," administered by the former Regent, Archbishop Damaskinos.  A 101-gun salute follow took place during the ceremony.

When the 46-year-old king entered the chamber,  members of Parliament gave him a "tumultuous welcome that surpassed even the reception given to his brother, the late George II," following the latter's return to the throne last fall from "wartime exile."

King Paul's wife, Queen Frederika, clad in a black gown, stood by his side.

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