Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Ferdinand's condition weakens

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April 4, 1927

The condition of King Ferdinand of Romania is worse tonight, report the Associated Press' Bucharest correspondent.

The king "continues to struggle against death, though under less favorable auspices."   He has been weakened by a "restless night," and suffers from a persistent cough.

Doctors are also worried by the increased congestion in the King's lungs, and a rising temperature.  They continue to hold out hope that Ferdinand will survive this attack of influenza.

The public is saddened by the news of the King's illness.

King Ferdinand's elder son, former Crown Prince Carol, remains in France, with his mistress, Elena Lupescu.  Carol does not have the support of the main political parties, which are unlikely to change the succession Act of January 4, 1926, which named Carol's 5-year-old son, Michael as the heir apparent with a regency named to serve the event of Ferdinand's death before Michael reaches the age of 18.

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