Thursday, July 3, 2014

The new Spanish Royal Family

There is a new Spanish royal family -

King Felipe VI, Queen Letizia,  the Princess of Asturias, the Infanta Sofia, King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia.

King Felipe's sisters, Infanta Elena and Infana Cristina are no longer members of the Spanish Royal Family.   Due to her and her husband's legal issues, Cristina ceased to be a working member of the royal family more than a year ago, when she and her children moved to Switzerland.  Her husband, Iñaki Urdangarin, was largely airbrushed of the Casa Real website.

Now, Elena and Cristina are officially out of the Royal Family.  Neither have official profiles on the new website.    They remain in succession to the throne,  but are now in the same position as King Juan Carlos' two sisters.  They are members of the King's family.  (Infanta Pilar and Infanta Margarita lose their rights of succession when they married non-royals, under the old rules.)

This change means Infanta Elena and Infanta Cristina will unlikely appear again at official royal events, including state dinners, nor will they be undertaking official engagements on behalf of King Felipe VI.

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juan said...

Well it could be sometime Infanta Elena is in royal events. Infantas Pilar and Margarita sometimes undertook engagements on behalf of his brother, I remember a few cases, Margarita was in Luxemburg in Grand Duke Henri's wedding to Maria Teresa, the royal family was in mourning because Queen Frederika's death and she attended on behalf of the King. She was in Monaco in a Ball de la Rose dedicated to Spain. Infanta Pilar was several years ago in The Catedral of Santiago in an religious event dedicated to Saint James, the Saint Patron of Spain, she was on behalf of the King also.
The same for state dinners, they were in the state dinner when Queen Elizabeth II was in Spain and President of Portugal. This could happen to Infanta Elena, I don't think to Cristina....