Thursday, July 24, 2014

Reports Tsarevitch also dead.

July 24, 1918

Alexis Romanov, former heir to the Russian throne, died "from exposure a few days after his father," according to a dispatch from Moscow to the Berlin Lokal-Anzeiger, and transmitted to the New York Times from Amsterdam.  

Alexis was 13 years old.  He was born August 14, 1904, and was the youngest of the five children of Nicholas and Alexandra, the former emperor and empress of Russia.  Nicholas was reported to have been executed on July 17.

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Lisa said...

It's interesting that some of the information was correct relatively so early. He was dead, but he did not die of exposure, and he died the same day as the rest of his family. RIP HIH The Tsesarevich Alexei Nikolievich of Russia.