Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Monarchists want Grand Duke Nicholas on the throne

July 29, 1918

Russian monarchists recently met in Kiev, and they have "resolved to form centres throughout Russia for the re-establishment" of the monarchy "on the lines of that in power prior to March 1917, according to a New York Times dispatch from Amsterdam.

The aim is reunite the "Ukraine and Great Russia" with Grand Duke Nicholas Nicholavitch" as Emperor, according to reports from the Monarchist congress.

When confirmation of the death of the former emperor Nicholas II was made public in Kiev, many Russian officers wrapped crepe around their Crosses of St. George.  Only a short time before, officials were denying the reports of his execution in a "crowded thanksgiving service" in Kiev's cathedral. 

The congregation sang "God Protect the Czar."   During the celebration, the archpriest declared:  "The church stands outside politics, but it is befitting all true believing Russians to pray for Nicholas, the servant of God, who has suffered much."  He also spoke of the re-establishment of the monarch and the Romanov dynasty: "The temple which was destroyed shall rise again."

Fighting continues in Kiev's streets between monarchists and Bolsheviks.

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