Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Flurry of telegrams between Nicholas and Wilhelm

July 30, 1914

Earlier this evening Kaiser Wilhelm II held a "naval council of war," which was attended by Admiral von Tirpitz, Minister of Marine; Prince Henry of Prussia, Admiral Commanding in Chief; Admiral von Pohl, Chief of the Admiralty Staff, and Vice Admiral von Mueller, Chief of the Imperial Naval Cabinet, according to the New York  Times.

This meeting was followed by a "council of the Cabinet," which lasted for several hours.

No information about what occurred at either meeting has been announced.

Crown Prince Wilhelm was in "conference" with the Kaiser earlier today, and their meeting "lasted three hours."

It was also learned tonight that there has been an "exchange of telegrams regarding the international situation" between Wilhelm II and Nicholas II.

The Russian Emperor dispatched a telegram to Wilhelm II, which "crossed a message" that Wilhelm had just sent to Nicholas. 

The details of the communication between the two sovereigns have not been disclosed, but the fact that they are in communication with each other has "created an unmistakably favorable impression."

There is anxiety in Germany about Russian troop movements.  On Berlin newspaper,  Lokal Anzeiger published the following:  "The pretended conciliatory aspect of the Russian policy is a grave contrast to the restless, comprehensive military dispositions of the Czar's army on the German frontier.  As long as these continue there can hardly be any question of the relaxation of the political tension.  It can only be hoped that the Czar will also give some tangible proof of his peaceable inclinations by ordering the immediate cessation of the conspicuous concentration of troops in the western regions of the empire."

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