Monday, April 15, 2013

News about the Knatchbulls

Lord Brabourne is still involved with Jeannie McWeeny, and his son and heir, the Hon. Nicholas Knatchbull is said to be getting married in August to Eritrean  Rahel "Raz" Tedros.


Unknown said...

Are Lord Brabourne and his wife.....Penelope is her name I think.....divorced? As I recall they had a young daughter die of cancer. Leonora? I believe that may have been her name. As I recall they were both very close to Charles and Diana at one time. And do you know what has become of Penelope? I always thought she was very attractive. If I recall correctly she was involved in a pastime of carriage driving along with Prince Philip. But that is all I remember having read about her in recent years.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Lord and Lady Brabourne are separated. Lady Brabourne still lives at Broadlands and is active in the community. She remains close to the RF and was at Sandringham in January with Alexandra. She and Alexandra also attended the Luxembourg wedding. They were close to Charles. It was Norton and Penny who tried to warn Charles about Diana before the wedding, but he was smitten and would not listen. They were frozen out for a time but by 1986, they were back in Charles' circle. The Queen and Philip had have made it clear that they support Penny even though Norton is the son of Philip's first cousin (and he is close to his first cousin.) Use the search box and you will find other stories about this.