Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Is Bernardo Guillermo's marriage -- Open?

A website, Jezebel, has an article -- don't want to use the word "reporting" -- about the breakup of a musician, Thurston Moore (never heard of him) and his wife of 30 years, Kim Gordon.

Gordon was interviewed by Elle, a fashion magazine, where she discussed the breakup of her marriage:  "it ended in a kind of normal way—midlife crisis, starstruck woman," referring to a mysterious other woman who had allegedly wormed her way into the couple's inner circle. Naturally, music geeks took to the Internet to opine about her identity, and, through a source, we've confirmed who it is."

The alleged "home wrecker" is said to be 34-year-old New York based art book editor, Eva Prinz (nee Valdez) whose first husband was Andrew Prinz who played in a band called Mahogany.  They divorced.  In 2009,  Eva married Bernardo Guillermo, son of Princess Christina of the Netherlands and her former husband, Jorge Guillermo. 

Eva and Bernardo have a daughter, who was born five months before the marriage.  One assumes Bernardo will be in the Netherlands on Tuesday for the Inauguration of his cousin, Willem-Alexander as King.  Will he be accompanied by his wife, who has described their marriage  as "open?"

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Carolina said...

She does not appear to be a women with very much respect for marriage. I imagine any marriage she was part of would eventually become open anyway based her habit of infidelity. With or without the consent of her spouse (or anyone else's).