Monday, April 22, 2013

Geraldine turns down movie offer

April 22, 1939

Former Queen Geraldine of Albania has "rejected an offer from an American film company," according to the Associated Press.  

A lawyer for the Apponyi family made the announcement earlier today, stating that the former Queen, born Countess Geraldine Apponyi, had "no intention to seek a stage or film career."

King Zog, Queen Geraldine and their two-day-old son were forced to flee Albania after Italy invaded their country.   They are now living in Greece, but the queen's family lawyer told reports that the royal family was considering the United States or England as "possible choices" for their new home.

They "remain undecided" on when they will leave Greece.   The Hungarian lawyer also noted that Zog had "received a substantial sum" from an Anglo-Dutch company "for permission to exploit certain oil fields owned by his family."   This money was deposited in a London bank.

Zog will not, however, "make a lecture tour" in the United States, although he had been offered a "tour contract."

Geraldine, whose mother, Gladys Stewart, is American, has never been to the United States.   Her mother now lives in France.

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