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Eulalia fails in attempt to get marriage annulled.

April 17, 1903

Infanta Eulalia of Spain has failed in an attempt to have the Vatican annul her marriage to Prince Antonio of Bourbon-Orleans, Duke of Galliera, reports the Marquise de Fontenoy.

Her request was denied "largely owing to the strong opposition" of the court in Madrid.  The infant is an aunt of King Alfonso XIII

Four other royal ladies have similar applications before the "pontifical authorities" at the Vatican.

The former Crown Princess of Saxony is also expected to file an application requesting the annulment of her marriage.

It is understood that this application would be received favorably due to the testimony of the mother superior and two nuns at a convent where then Archduchess Luise of Austria sought refuge before her marriage to Crown Prince Friedrich August.  The three religious women have "furnished testimony on oath," stating that the young archduchess was forced "into the marriage against her will by her parents."

No application will be made until after Princess Luise gives birth.  She is expected to have her child within the next few weeks.

Princess Philipp of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha is also seeking to have her marriage annulled.  The former Princess Louise of Belgium was also able to prove "by the means of four reliable witnesses" that she was forced against her will to marry Prince Philipp by her father, King Leopold II of the Belgians.

Prince Philipp was eager to take advantage of the evidence to rid himself of Louise but  due to "differences with his father-in-law," regarding money,  and King Leopold is opposed to an annulment.  Prince Philipp is determined to maintain good relations with the Belgian king, who has refused to support the prince's demands.

Princess Louise had begged her mother, Queen Marie Henriette, to not allow the marriage to take place.  King Leopold was adamant that Louise marry the German prince.  

The Queen told her daughter: "My child, my father, Archduke Joseph, allowed me to follow the dictates of my heart, and to marry, of my own free will, Leopold, Duke of Brabant.  You see how our marriage has turned out.  You cannot find more misery, and you may have much more happiness in wedding the man whom your father is compelling you to accept as a husband."

The American-born Princess Alice of Monaco, the former Alice Heine of New Orleans, is also seeking an annulment of her marriage from Prince Albert.  She wants the annulment so she can marrying "the composer upon whom she has showered so many favors."  But it doubtful that she will receive the annulment because she was a "perfectly free agent" when she married the Prince of Monaco.

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