Thursday, April 4, 2013

Children leave Queen Marie

April 4, 1937

According to the New York Times,  Queen Marie of Yugoslavia is now on her way to Belgrade after "spending some time at her mother's bedside.  Her older brother, King Carol II, and his son, Crown Prince Michael, accompanied her to the train station, and saw her off.

Former Queen Elizabeth of Greece has also left the Dowager Queen Marie's bedside and has as returned to her country home at Banloc.

Queen Marie, however, remains confined to her bed, and "unable to leave her room."
But according to the Associated Press, Queen Marie's health is "restored," and earlier today she listened to a "private concert by Guila Bustabo," an American violinist from Chicago. 

The Dowager Queen had "suffered complications" after an attack of influenza.  She  had learned about the violinist from American friends.

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