Friday, November 11, 2011

Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume

Today is the 30th birthday of Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg.   He has given several interviews and is the subject of numerous profiles.  The heir to the Luxembourg throne has admitted he has a girlfriend.   He acknowledges that they have been a couple for six months, but have known each other for five years.  She is not from Luxembourg, but has visited the country, and, according to Guillaume, she is fond of the country.  

RTL, a Luxembourg TV channel, has a fantasy: the foreigner is Princess Eugenie of York.  The writer of the article acknowledges there is a nine year age difference between Guillaume and Eugenie, the younger daughter of the Duke of York and his former wife, Sarah Ferguson.  There is also the issue of religion.  Guillaume is Roman Catholic, and Eugenie is a member of the Anglican church.

The writer thinks that Eugenie would make a very beautiful grand duchess.   This is pure fantasy on the part of the journalist.   It is unlikely that Princess Eugenie is fluent in a second language, and Luxembourg has three official languages: German, French and Letzburgesch, and Guillaume's bride will be expected to converse in all three languages, at some point.


John said...

I think she will make a beautiful wife to someone, eventually. I find her look to be very attractive and healthy looking. Perhaps a nice wealthy English business man, when she's in her 30's or so and had a chance to live a little.

Haha, but could you imagine that mother of hers trying to fix her and her sister into marriages. Lucky this is the 21st century!

Rex said...

Sorry John,

Can't see either Eugenie or Beatrice as beautiful women! Attractive? Maybe. I suppose it is in the eye of the beholder, though.