Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Archduchess Maria Annunciata assumes Abbess' office

November 16, 1895

Archduchess Maria Annuciata of Austria has assumed the office of Abbess, reports the New York Times.  She has received a "trousseau like that of a bride."   The gala "toilets are in the tenderest color."  She was driven to the church in a carriage "with six pairs of horses." Her mother followed in a carriage driven by four horses.  

The Archduchess is dressed in a "black silk dress with a long train, and a black mantle trimmed with ermine."  She wears a "gold-edged white moire ribbon," across her bosom.  A gold medal with an image of the Virgin Mary, is attached to the ribbon, and on the other side is the initials of the founder of the Order. 
During the ceremony, Maria Annunciata received the "ring, ducal crown and the crozier" of the office of the new Abbess. 

The crozier is "gilded and richly set with diamonds."  It was first used in 1309, when Hungarian Queen Jutta gave the crozier to King Wenzel of Bohemia as a gift for his sister, Kunigunde.


Rex said...


I think I saw this photo in "The Last Courts of Europe". Was this a token appointment to the Office of Abbess given to Archduchesses, or did Maria Annuziata take permanent religious vows?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Rex, use the search box and search for Maria Annuciata and you will find more information about her and her position.