Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Archduke Otto seeks English bride

November 16, 1931

There are interesting reports coming out of London regarding "delicate negotations just about completed" for the marriage between Archduke Otto of Austria and Lady Winifride Alice, the youngest sister of the Duke of Norfolk.  The Los Angeles Times is reporting exclusively  on the rumors circulating in London regarding this possible marriage. 

According to the rumors,  Otto's mother, former Empress Zita, "was forced to decide on a British bride" because of the "tangle in Balkan politics in which schemes to restore the Magyar Monarchy are enmeshed."  It has been suggested that Italian Premier Mussolini has "refused to hear of an alliance with a Bourbon bride and also opposed a union with the Italian House of Savoy."

Thus, Zita decided on a British marriage.   It is also being reported that the Dowager Duchess of Norfolk will leave shortly with her daughter for the Continent "where they will be the guests of the exiled former Empress."

The Norfolks are devout Roman Catholics.

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