Monday, May 31, 2010

The booze made me do it ...

Sarah, Duchess of York, with access to a box of tissues, wept as she confessed her sins to St. Oprah of Winfrey. This taped confession took place before Sarah flew to England to discuss her situation with the man she betrayed: her former husband, HRH The Duke of York.

She said she succumbed to the temptation of accepting $40,000 as part of a payoff to meet Prince Andrew because of her financial situaiton. The alleged business deal was actually a sting engineered by the News of the World, a London Sunday tabloid.
The original ten minute interview has now become an hour long show, which will be televised Tuesday in the USA.

Sarah, whose image has taken a battering in the United States, where her bread is buttered, appeared "remorseful," and acknowledged that she had been drinking at the time of the interview.
No kidding, Sarah. That's pretty obvious in the tape, where you slurred and stumbled. Duh!

By talking first to Oprah, Sarah shows that she cares more about trying to repair an image that she has never had and tells the world that this action is far more important than facing the music with her former husband -- and perhaps her own demons.


MAXny said...

AA sounds good right about now, however I believe even AA won't work because they teach honesty.
Foolish woman!

John said...

Oh! I see her angle now. She'll try to get on one of those 'celebrity rehab' reality programs here in The US.

DW said...

Every time she messes up, she has an excuse. She will never learn.