Thursday, April 2, 2009

Queen hugs Michelle Obama

Despite the Telgraph's headline, the Queen was the first to hug and Michelle responded!

The Obamas towered over the Queen and Prince Philip. The queen is about 5'2", and Philip is probably about 5'11". Mrs. Obama is probably around 6 feet tall, and her husband is over six feet.


Stavros said...

much ado about nothing...I would think the Queen, after 57 years on the throne, knows more about royal protocal than the rest of us...its seems the media make more of a fuss than the Queen herself...

P.S. I found P. Philip's offhand comment more amusing..haha

JayV said...

I don't know what to believe when I read accounts from the newspapers, but I agree with Stavros that Philip's remarks were funny. So what? The media made a big deal bout 'em.