Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Queen Geraldine rejects offer for movie

April 22, 1939

Queen Geraldine of Albania, who is in exile in Greece with her husband, King Zog, and their infant son, Skander, has declined an offer from Hollywood to star in a movie, reports the Associated Press. This statement was made today by the attorney for Geraldine's family, the Counts Apponyi. The Queen was born Countess Geraldine Apponyi, a member of an Hungarian noble family. The AP also reports that King Zog has been offered a lecture tour of the US, but has turned the offer down. He is currently weighing his options regarding where the royal family will live after leaving Greece. England and the United States are on the short-list. Geraldine's mother, Gladys, is American, who now lives in France. However, Queen Geraldine has never been to the the United States.

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