Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Prince Hendrik's debts remain unpaid

April 22, 1901

The New York Times reports today about the non-payment of Prince Hendrik of the Netherlands's debts. Prince Hendrik, who is married to Queen Wilhelmina, is said to have not yet paid his pre-marital debts. Shortly before his marriage, the former Prince Heinrich of Mecklenburg-Strelitz assured his creditors in Berlin and in Frankfurt, that he would pay one-third of the debt within the first month of the marriage. This has not happened. Thus, the money-lenders have now appealed directly to the Prince's wife, Queen Wilhelmina, who has made it clear that she is not responsible for her husband's debts. She has declared that Hendrik is solely responsible for the debts, and must pay the creditors from the allowance he receives from the state.
It is said that the Queen is "very angry" about this situation.

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