Monday, April 13, 2009

Peter Pan makes his way into the royal nursery

April 13, 1927

The Associated Press reports today that Sir James Barrie, the author of Peter Pan, was at Buckingham Palace today for tea with King George V and Queen Mary. The children's author was one of 300 people from all walks of life who were the guests of Britain's sovereigns. Barrie "whispered something to Queen Mary, and she smiled." It was also noticed that the Queen "nodded enthusiastically," and Sir James was "off in a jiffy."
Upstairs in the nursery, a little Princess, who is about to celebrate her first birthday, awoke from her afternoon nap, to find an "object wearing glasses and a white stiff color and a black frocked coat and just about the broadest smile ever seen by this important baby."
This was Sir James' first glimpse of the princess who is staying with her grandparents as her parents, the Duke and Duchess of York, are on tour in Australia. Sir James remain the nursery, "all grins." until Elizabeth's nurse, "shooed him out, and back to the tea party, where he belonged."

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