Monday, April 6, 2009

An odd hobby for Princess Victoria

April 6, 1901

Princess Victoria, who is King Edward VII's youngest daughter, "has the most curious hobby in the family that has several unusual fads," reports the Los Angeles Times. She is interesting in book binding.
For the past few years, the princess has "devoted a great deal of time to learning how to be an expert book binder." A few months ago, several book covers were sent to an exhibition with the name Miss Matthews. These covers were favorably received by the judges, and "received several prizes." It was only when the prizes were award did the judges and everyone else learn that Miss Mattthews was HRH Princess Victoria.

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Anonymous said...

Re: Princess Victoria: Hobby

I do not know if this comment is in order.

I wonder if this comment about Princess Victoria inspired the author Evelyn Waugh, to write in his fictional book "Brideshead Revisted" of the unusual hobby of Lord Brideshead reported in the newspapers of his hobby of collecting match boxes. "Peer's Unusual Hobby". It lead him to marriage with the widowed Mrs Muspratt.

So sorry, that Princess Victoria was so thwarted in love.