Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A lot of purient people out there

I am getting a lot of hits because so many people are googling "Eugenie topless" and being led to Royal Musings! Hmm! Well, you won't find the photos here, but spend some time browsing through the entries. Welcome.
It is not necessary to publish photos of a teenage princess who might have removed her top while swimming in Thailand, which she whould not done ... if she did. Teenage princesses should know that when they are outdoors, they are subject to the camera's prying lens. There is something to be said for being discreet and wearing a one piece swimsuit. There is also something to be said for a teenage princess to understand that she will always live an extraordinary life, which means, perhaps, being more circumspect when outside. There is no opportunity to live a normal life because being a princess is not normal.
Some may argue that the Princess is on her gap year, and she's having fun traveling the world. One can assume that her parents are footing most the expenses for this trip. But she is also traveling with her tax-payer supported personal protection officer.
While I do believe that she and her older sister, Princess Beatrice, should continue to have security, Princess Eugenie also needs to understand and respect her own position as a member of the British royal family. It is expected that in time, the princess will probably undertake engagements as a working member of the royal family, but this won't happen for at least another five years. But I do think that Eugenie -- and her older sister -- should be involved in some charitable work, and should undertake one or two patronages while they are still at school. This will give them a grounding, a sense of purpose and a not-so-gentle reminder of who they are, and who they represent. Princess Eugenie needs to step up to the plate, and realize that she is different from other people her age, and being different means she must live her life differently. She can never be ordinary, so why even try!

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