Monday, April 6, 2009

Italian princess to marry duke

April 6, 1935

Princess Maria Adelaide of Savoy-Genoa is to marry Don Leone Massimo, the Duke di Anticoli Corrado, according to an AP report. The princess is the cousin of King Victor Emanuele III.
The princess is the granddaughter of the late Prince Ferdinand of Savoia-Genoa, who was a brother of the late King Victor Emanuele II.
Princess Maria-Adelaide lives with her younger brother, Prince Eugene, in Turin. Her elder brother, Prince Ferdinando, is the present Duke of Genoa.
Don Leone Massimo, is the son of Prince Francesco, who is the 4th Prince of Arsoli. In April 1904, by special decree of King Vittorio Emanuele III, Don Leone received the title Duke of Anticoli-Corrado, which formerly had been held by his uncle.
For centuries, the Massimo family has been leaders of patrician society in Rome.

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