Friday, April 3, 2009

Ileana to marry?

April 3, 1929

The New York Times reports today that Queen Marie of Roumania and her youngest daughter,Princess Ileana, have "prolonged" their visit to Spain by several weeks. This has "given rise to reports of a possible marriage" between the Princess and one of the sons of King Alfonso XIII and Queen Ena, who is Marie's first cousin.
Princess Ileana, "who is a girl of great charm" has been spending time with the Prince of the Asturias and his younger brother, Don Jaime.
"According to reports, the health of "the Prince of the Asturias is much improved." One of his doctors has stated that he "may be definitely cured so that he can return to an active life."
In official circles, however, "reports of the marriage have been minimized.
Queen Marie and Princess Ileana are planning to go to Andalusia and will also visit Seville and Barcelona.

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