Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Grand Duke Krill "threatens his foes"

April 14, 1925

The New York Times reports today that the quarrel between the supporters of Grand Duke Nicholas and Grand Duke Kirill "reached a head today" when Kirill's supporters "openly declared war" on the supporters of the former Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Armies, Grand Duke Nicholas.
Grand Duke Nicholas has not claimed the succession, but he does "deny the right" of Kirill to name himself as Emperor of all the Russians, which is against the wishes to the Dowager Empress Marie and other members of the family.
Kirill's supporters have "issued a warning" that those who refuse to recognize Kirill as emperor "will never be permitted to return to Russia," where "on pain of being shot instantly when they cross the frontier."
One of Kirill's main supporters is his cousin, Grand Duke Dimitri, who now works for a well-known champagne company -- has declared himself to be Kirill's representative in France.
It is also understood that Grand Duke Kirill, who recently visited Paris, is now in Coburg, where he has "concluded an alliance with German Nationalists against the Bolshevist Government of Russia."

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