Tuesday, April 14, 2009

German Crown Prince in Vienna

April 14, 1901

Crown Prince Wilhelm of Germany has arrived in Vienna, Austria, for an official visit, according to the New York Times, which received the report by Atlantic cable.
The Crown Prince was greeted at the railroad station by Emperor Franz Joseph and other members of the Austrian Imperial Family. "A large and enthusiastic" crowd awaited his arrival. The Crown Prince also had a private meeting with the emperor.
"Amid popular demonstrations," Crown Prince Wilhelm visited Capuchin Mausoleum, where he, representing his father, laid wreaths on the graves of Empress Elisabeth, Archduke Rudolf and Archduke Albrecht.
At 5 p.m., the Crown Prince was the guest of honor at a state banquet at the Hofburg, which was followed by a reception and then a gala performance at the opera. At the banquet, Emperor Franz Joseph proposed a toast to the Crown Prince, where he hoped that the visit "would knit still closer the personal and political relations between the two imperial houses." Crown Prince Wilhelm proposed a similar toast.

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JayV said...

... which received the report by Atlantic cable.How times have changed, no?

I love your daily anniversary glimpses into the lives of past royals.

Times have changed there, too.

A blessed Easter to you, Marlene.