Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Franz Auersperg to wed American girl

April 29, 1899

The Chicago Daily Tribune and the New York World today report on the engagement of Prince Franz of Auersperg and Miss Florence E. Hazard of Shrewsbury Manor, New Jersey. The report states that in Vienna the "engagement is hailed by court and aristocratic circles here with gratification, as the Prince seemed to have hopelessly wrecked his career by fast living and gambling before he left Vienna three years ago."

Prince Franz's older brother, Karl, is the head of the family. He is married to Countess Eleonore Breunner (the cable refers to her name as Breinmer Enkwoirth). There are also three sisters, Johanna, who is married to the very rich Duke of Rohan, Ernestine, who is unmarried, and Aglae.

Princess Aglae is married to Count Ferdinand Kinsky, was a playmate and friend of Archduchess Marie Valerie of Austria, the youngest daughter of Emperor Franz Joseph. She had numerous opportunities to meet with the Archduchess' brother, Crown Prince Rudolf, "and there are photographs showing the three young people together."

"Scandals were rumored for a long time," even after Rudolf's death. Princess Aglae was "not reinstated in public opinion," until she received an invitation from her friend, Archduchess Marie Valerie. The Princess stayed for a month with the archduchess. Afterward she married "the handsomest of all Austrian noblemen, Ferdinand Kinsky, who had been the admired hero of twenty court balls at which he had the role of first partner and only danced with Princesses of the blood."

No date has been set for the Auersperg-Hazard nuptials, but the wedding is expected to take place at the bride's home in New Jersey.

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