Monday, April 13, 2009

Attempt on King Alfonso's life

April 13, 1913

King Alfonso XIII of Spain narrowly escaped an attempt on his life today, reports the New York Times. The king was returning from a swearing-in ceremony for recruits when an Anarchist fired three shots at him. The king was not hurt, but he had "a narrow escape." He was surrounded by "gorgeously uniformed escort," while his wife, Queen Victoria Eugenia, and her mother, Princess Henry of Battenberg, followed in an open carriage. "Perfect order" was achieved as the guards immediately surrounded the king to protect him as the assassin was arrested by the police. After "recovering from their momentary panic," the crowds on both sides of the street began to cheer for their sovereign as he made his way back to the Palace, where it is reported he told aides "Gentlemen, the affair is all over, and it has been nothing."
Later in the day, the King went out riding, and was again cheered by several thousand people as he rode off to the Casa de Campo."

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