Sunday, June 23, 2024

Surprising Finds in Storage Lockers

 People rent storage lockers for many reasons, including downsizing and moving.  A storage unit can be a good option for furniture, books, Christmas decorations, clothes, or royal postcard collections.

Millions of people pay monthly rent for storage units.  They sign contracts with the storage unit companies. These contracts include clauses about what happens if you stop paying rent on your units.  After a certain amount of time -- with no payment -- the storage company becomes the owner of your possessions and will arrange for the contents of the units to be auctioned.   It takes between 30 and 90 days before "default and auction."

Here is an example of an online storage auction:   Most items up for auction are clothes and furniture.  On rare occasions, storage units can be treasure troves.  

The publisher of moved to Central America and put into storage in the Richmond, California, area, the stock of his firm's publications (books and the Eurohistory Journal), many photographs, including signed Romanov photos, a major royal postcard collection.  

Eurohistory ceased publication in 2021.  

At some point, Eurohistory's owner inadvertently stopped paying the monthly rental fees.  The grace period is usually 30 days before the storage company can put the items up for auction.  However, "no storage facility wants to auction off your belongings because storage auctions are not profitable."

Only after the storage company's owner has exhausted all attempts to contact an owner will the company begin auction proceedings.   Some people will buy the contents of storage units and sell the stuff on eBay.

One eBay seller, Vintagestuff2768, won the contents of the Eurohistory's storage units.  Since late last year, this seller has been offering Eurohistory books, magazines, photographs, and postcards for sale.

If you are interested in  Eurohistory publications or photographs, click on the above link  The seller specializes in storage lockers auctions so there are other items as well.  


J said...

How is Arturo doing? He stopped posting in his blog a long while ago. I hope he's OK.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

He is living in Costa Rica with his husband. He stopped doing the blog several years ago, and turned it over to Seth Leonard, who continued until early 2023. Since then it was hacked and taken over ...