Tuesday, September 26, 2023

The Princess of Wales in Lancashire


@Lauren Parkinson

@Lauren Parkinson

@Lauren Parkinson

Earlier today, royal enthusiast Lauren Parkinson and her husband, Ian, drove to Lancashire, hoping for a glimpse of the Princess of Wales, who was visiting Standfast & Barracks, a print works firm that opened in 1924.   Now part of the Sanderson Design group, Standfast & Barracks is "renowned for its heritage in textile design and creativity."

The firm is about 30 miles from her home.

Lauren and her husband, Ian, were at the entrance of the firm when the Princess arrived in what Lauren calls "discreet" as the motorcade arrived without a police escort. 

Although she was told that the Princess would not be leaving by a side entrance, Lauren trusted her instincts and headed for the side exit.  She made the right call, as you can see from her superb photos.

I asked Lauren how she got these AMAZING photos!

"So, it's very close to where I live. There were about nine of us waiting to see her. Most of those were relatives of people who worked in the factory. 

"I could just tell where she was going to leave by the way the cars were positioned and the comings and goings of the staff. I could see through into the reception area from where I was standing and could see the gifts waiting for her on her departure etc. 

"The local photographer with me was a volunteer photographer for a local radio station and was just hoping to get a shot just like me. 

"As always, Kate just comes alive and is so animated when talking to kids and she zeroed in on the boy waiting by the gates as she left so we were just grateful and so happy she stopped to say hello on her way back to the cars!"

Lauren told me that the Princess was scheduled to spend an hour at Standfast & Barracks, but "ended up staying at least 20 minutes longer!!!"

It is no surprise that Lauren's favorite royal is the Princess of Wales.   Her main social media presence is on Instagram where she uses the handle parkysprincess.  


You will enjoy her videos and discussions about Catherine and William and the Royal Family in general.  Always positive, factual, and eager to share her enthusiasm and respect for the British Royal Family.   I must also mention Lauren's adorable dog, a cockapoo named Woody as he often accompanies his pawrents on their journeys.  Today, Woody remained at home, eager to learn the news when Lauren and Ian returned after their superb day.

She is also on Twitter (X) as @LadyParky79


Thank you, Lauren, for allowing me to use your photos.   A reminder to my readers, Lauren is THE COPYRIGHT HOLDER OF THE PHOTOS!

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