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Prince Ferdinand zu Swarzenberg marries Marie Friling


TSH Prince Ferdinand and Princess Marie of Schwarzenberg

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands and the Princess of Orange were among the guests who attended the wedding of Princes Ferdinand zu Schwarzenberg and Marie Friling on July 15.

The couple's religious wedding took place on July 15 at Maria Attersee Church in Attersee am Attersee in Austria. Father Wolfgang Dichgans was the officiant.   The priest is the son of Joseph Dichgans and Countess Eleonore won Waldburg-Zeil, the daughter of Count Konstantin von Waldburg-Zeil and Princess Eleonore of Bavaria.

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A formal reception at Schloss Kogl followed the wedding.   Princess Marie, Queen Maxima, and the Princess of Orange wore tiaras.

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Schloss Kogl is owned by Friedrich Mayr von Melnof.

A private reception, where the female guests wore dirndls, was held the day before the wedding


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The 250 guests at the wedding included Queen Maxima and the Princess of Orange, Prince Joachim of Belgium,  Prince Jan of Schwarzenberg with his wife, Princess Regina and their son, Prince Alexander, Hereditary Duke Alexander of Oldenburg, Prince Vincenz and Princess Georgina of Fürstenberg, Prince Wenzel and Princess Katharina Lobkowicz, Prince Friedrich of Schwarzenberg, Prince and Princess Philipp of Liechtenstein, Gisela Bergmann (nee Princess Gisela of Liechtenstein), the Dowager Margravine of Baden, the Hereditary Prince and Princess of Leiningen, the Hereditary Count Ludwig von Waldburg-Wolfegg, the Prince and Princess of Schwarzenberg and the Hereditary Prince and Princess of Schwarzenberg, the Prince and Princess of Castell-Rüdenhausen, Countess Charlotte of Waldburg-Wolfegg, the former wife of Count Thomas von Waldburg-Wolfegg and her children, Countess Sophie and Count Gregor,  the Hereditary Prince of Croy and Princess Xenia of Croy, the Prince and Princess of Esterhazy, Count Nikolaus of Koenigsegg-Aulendorf

The Hereditary Count of Koenigseff-Aulendorf served as the head of Security and Protocol for the wedding.

Prince Ferdinand is second in line to the Schwarzenberg princely title. He is the son of the late Prince Friedrich Karl Joseph Johannes von Nepomuk Antonius Bartholomäus Felix Judas Thaddäus Conrad von Parzham of Schwarzenberg, who died in 2014.  The current head of the house, Prince Karl Johannes is Prince Ferdinand's uncle.  

I wrote about the engagement last October.


There are several sites with personal photos from the wedding.  I have inquired about using the photos but have not received a response.  If I am allowed to use several of the photos, I will update this post.  

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