Thursday, June 8, 2023

Philippe and Mathilde join Charles and Camilla for dinner

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King Philippe and Queen Mathilde are spending the night at Windsor Castle as the guests of King Charles and Queen Camilla.  Earlier this evening the Belgian couple joined Charles and Camilla for a private dinner at the castle.

 Philippe and Mathilde were in London to attend the Chelsea Pensioners parade on Founders Day at the Royal Hospital Chelsea.

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 The Belgian couple will return to Brussels tomorrow.


Robbie said...

Maybe a Knight of the Garter will be offered?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

A Garter is never offered .. it is appointed. Philippe will not get the Garter until a State visit Baudouin made a state visit in 1963 -- that was the last one. but it will be up to the UK government to extend an invitation to the Belgian government for a state visit. Only then would the king be appointed to the Garter

Robbie said...

Thanks for the information.

Claire said...

Do you know if there's a particular reason Philippe and Mathilde were there for this event? Do they have a connection with the Royal Hospital Chelsea or the Chelsea Pensioners?