Monday, December 26, 2022

Christmas Day at Sandringham

 Two dear friends of mine,  Karen Anvil, and Ken Stone were at Sandringham yesterday morning to see members of the Royal family attend the Christmas Day service at St. Mary Magdalene, which is on the Sandringham estate.

This photo and the photos above are the copyright of Karen Anvil.  

and from Ken Stone

This photo and all that follow are the copyright of Ken Stone.

My thanks to Karen Anvil and Ken Stone for allowing me to use their photos.

They are the copyright holders.


Audrey said...

I love the way Peter and Zara's children act more like siblings than cousins. It is obvious they spend a lot of time together. It is fun to see how the children grow from year to year with these Christmas Walks. Thanks to your friends for sharing their photos.

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