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Amalia having fun with Mommy's jewels

@RVD October 11, 2012


Catharina-Amalia Beatrix Carmen Victoria, the Princess of Orange will celebrate her 18th birthday on December 7.  She is the heiress apparent to the Dutch throne and the eldest of three daughters of King Willem-Alexander.

“I love tiaras. Show me a tiara, and I'll know where it came from. I can recognize all the tiaras of Europe."   The princess would see a tiara on her mother's dressing table and then try it on.

[My tiara came from Woolworth's.]

Amalia is wearing the Mellerio tiara, which was a present from King Willem III to his new bride, Princess Emma of Waldeck-Pyrmont


The Princess is the subject of a new book, Amalia by Claudia De Breij, published in connection with the Princess's coming of age.   The King and Queen and the RVD asked De Breij to write the book, which according to the author is "an attempt to introduce anyone who wants to get to know the young woman who will one day become Queen of the Netherlands."



The book was published today by  Uitgeverij Pluim.  It is NOT available in English, just Dutch.  There are no plans for an English-language edition.


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David said...

I have always wondered how Princess Catharina Amalia reacted to being a princess and wearing crowns & royal jewelry. Princess Catharina Amalia has taken a genuine interest in the history of the royal jewelry.