Friday, August 20, 2021

The wedding of Benedikt von Doderer and Elisabeth von Brauchitsch

The newlyweds

 Benedikt von Doderer and Elisabeth von Brauchitsch were married on August 14 at St. Salvator at the Heilig Kreuz monastery in Polling, Bavaria.  Both are members of German noble families.  Benedikt is the managing director of CBVD GmbH, a consulting company in Bavaria.

Carl Benedikt Christian Herbert Alexander von Doderer was  born in April 1964, the son of Christian Herbert Richard and Baroness Stephanie  von Wechmar.  Elisabeth-Catharina Susanne Maria Hulda Christiane von Brauchitsch, who was born in 1990, is the daughter of Constantin Bernhard Hellmuth Gerd von Brauchitsch and Baroness Christiane von Künsberg.

Archduchess Pilar of Austria & her husband, Vollrad von Poschinger

The Prince of Thurn un Taxis

Princess Isabelle of Hohenberg, Frau Bagusat (left)

HSH Princess Antonia of Thurn und Taxis   (left) and HSH Princess Christa of Thurn und Taxis

The guest list included members of German noble and princely families including HSH The Prince of Thurn und Taxis, HSH Princess Antonia of  Thurn und Taxis, HSH Prince  Philipp  of  Oettingen - Wallerstein,  Vollrad von Poschinger and his wife, HI & RH Archduchess  Pilar of Austria, Count Niklas of Salm Reifferschaidt, HSH Princess Marie-Antoinette of Fürstenberg, Frau Bagusat, who was accompanied by her son, Franziskus Bagusat and his wife, Princess Isabelle of Hohenberg.

The wedding reception was planned by Hohenberg Events, a company owned by Isabelle's brother,    Isabelle's brother Georg, Prince of Hohenberg.

Thanks to a dear friend who sent me these photos to use here.  The copyright is retained by the photographer.

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