Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Prince Louis of Luxembourg engaged


The Grand Ducal Palace announced today the engagement of HRH Prince Louis of Luxembourg is engaged to marry Scarlett-Lauren Sirgue.

Miss Sirgue is the daughter of Pierre Sirgue and Scarlett Berrebi.  She was born in Bordeaux on August 8, 1991.  She is a lawyer based in Paris.  Scarlett-Lauren's mother is deceased.

all three photos: @Private collection.

'We are happy to announce the engagement of our son, Prince Louis, to Miss Scarlett-Lauren Sirgue.

'Princes Gabriel and Noah join us in surrounding the new couple with all our affection. We wish them immense happiness.'

Miss Sirgue is a lawyer.  She works for her parents' law firm, Berrebi and Sirgue, where she specializes in Victims' Law.  Prince Louis, 34, is a mediator at this law firm.



This will be Prince Louis' second marriage.  His first marriage in September 2006 to Tessy Antony ended in divorce in 2019.  They have two sons, Prince Gabriel (2006) and Prince Noah (2007).    

He renounced his right of succession (and his descendants) shortly before he married Miss Antony.

The former Princess Tessy announced her engagement to Swiss businessman Frank Floessel on New Year's Eve. They are expecting a child in the next few months.


Unknown said...

Will Miss Scarlett-Lauren Sirgue be a princess, considering the Grand Ducal Family is Catholic and Prince Louis 1st wedding is still valid?

The Blessed Virgin said...

Could the Grand Duke reinstate Louis to the line of succession, or once renounced it is for life ?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Malta, very unlikely. It is for life (and for his descendants)

Unknown ... I expect an announcement will be made when they marry on how Scarlett-Lauren and any children will be styled

Shinjinee said...

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa appears to have lost a lot of weight in the past year or two. I hope it was planned and not because of illness.