Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Official Engagement of Grand Duke George



Announcement of the Upcoming Wedding of His Imperial Highness The Heir, Tsesarevich, and Grand Duke George of Russia and Nob. Victoria Romanovna Bettarini
Her Imperial Highness The Grand Duchess of Russia, Head of the Russian Imperial House, is pleased to announce the marriage of her son and heir, His Imperial Highness The Grand Duke George of Russia, with Nob. Victoria Romanovna Bettarini, the daughter of His Excellency Ambassador Nob. Roberto Bettarini and Nob. Carla Bettarini.
Nob. Rebecca Virginia Bettarini was received into the Orthodox faith on 12 July 2020 in the Ss. Peter and Paul Cathedral in St. Petersburg, taking the name Victoria Romanovna. (See
In 2020, H.I.H. Grand Duke George of Russia and Nob. Victoria Romanovna Bettarini received permission to marry from the Head of the Imperial House of Russia, H.I.H. The Grand Duchess Maria of Russia, as well as the blessing of the bride’s father, His Excellency Ambassador Nob. Roberto Bettarini.
Asking the Lord’s blessing, We are pleased to grant Our permission to Our beloved son and heir, His Imperial Highness The Tsesarevich and Grand Duke GEORGE of Russia, to enter into marriage with his chosen bride, the hereditary noblewoman Rebecca Virginia Bettarini, who, on 29 June / 12 July 2020, the Feast of the Holy Chief Apostles Peter and Paul, in the Cathedral of Ss. Peter and Paul in St. Petersburg, was received into Holy Orthodoxy with the name VICTORIA ROMANOVNA.
The wedding is expected to take place in Autumn 2021. Further details of the date and time of the wedding will be announced in due course. WE GRAND DUCHESS MARIA OF RUSSIA BY THE GRACE OF GOD HEAD OF THE RUSSIAN IMPERIAL HOUSE make it known to all that
Announcing this event, so joyful for Our heart, and entrusting the future of our Most August son and heir, H.I.H. The Grand Duke George of Russia, and his future wife to the almighty protection of the Heavenly King, with firm faith in His mercy, We have every confidence that Our countrymen will join their prayers with Ours to Almighty God for a happy marriage, prosperity, and the blessing of children.
We deem it proper that VICTORIA ROMANOVNA should, from the moment of her marriage with Our son, have the right to use the dynastic surname of Romanoff with the title of Princess and the predicate of Serene Highness. Issued in Madrid on the 20th day of January in the year of Our Lord 2021, and in the thirtieth year since Our succession to the rights and duties of Our Most August Ancestors—the Emperors and Empresses of Russia.
The original is signed in Her Imperial Highness’s own hand:


Chazman said...

Will this not be considered to be a morganatic marriage? Has HIH Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna made an exception to the House rules by condoning this unequal marriage?
After their marriage will she be entitled to the style of Imperial Highness? Will their progeny be in the line of succession?

Clara said...

Dear Marlene,
It sounds strange to me that her son is styled Tsarevitch and Grand Duke, while his future wife will be a Princess, not a Grand Duchess.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Maria has recognized the marriage, but Rebecca will not be styled as HIH Grand Duchess but will use Romanov ... which has not been the norm for morganatic marriages. The announcement did not refer to titles for possible children.

Jordan Lodoen Unseth said...

As Maria Vladimirovna’s views on unequal marriages are well-established, I look forward to watching this situation progress. I can’t help but assume that any children born of this marriage would be outside the line of succession, unless MV is prepared to display an about-face on this issue.

Clara said...

I found out an interesting article about Miss Bettarini's ancestors.

Cuadernos de Ayala, n. 83

The Blessed Virgin said...

ahhh, so the possibility of their children may be born in high rank of Grand Duke/Duchess ?

BTW, Marlene, have you ever presented an argument on who is legally the Head of the Romanov's ? Some chatters about atm.