Sunday, November 29, 2020

Karl of Austria's not so secret divorce.

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Archduke Karl of Austria was recently interviewed about his new book, his 60th birthday, a new woman in his life, and a secret divorce from Baroness Francesca von Thyssen-Bornemisza.

He told Krone, an Austrian newspaper:  “Yes, since all of our three children came of age, Francesca and I have been divorced. We have never made this public before."

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 Karl added:  "Of course it is a very unfortunate affair for me. Because you see that two people living together does not necessarily always have to work. We tried to save the relationship, but all too often the children are the ones who suffer. That is why the well-being of our children has always been the most important thing for me and Francesca. "

Oopsies, Karl.  You should have checked with your ex-wife because she spilled the beans in a November 1, 2019 interview with the Financial Times. 

"Long gone is the wild party girl who became tabloid fodder in the 1980s. Since those days she married, and has recently divorced amicably from Karl von Habsburg, the grandson of the last Austrian Emperor, Charles I, and father of their three children."

In 2019 Francesca resumed the use of her maiden name.

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Archduke Karl's new book.

He also acknowledged his relationship with Christian Nicolau de Almeida Reid, the youngest daughter of the late Robin Reid and Elsa Andresen Nicolau de Almeida. Although he had British nationality,  Reid's family had lived in Porto, Portugal for more than 100 years before his birth.


José said...

The Nicolau de Almeida family, in Portugal, is known for its links to oenology.

If the Reid family is established in Oporto for more than 100 years, they could be related to the Port Wine business, so the connection seems plausible.

Christian and her two sisiters once had a pop-group (sorry, never heard of any of any of their musics :) ) that might make ADke Otto jump in his grave.


kittentracks said...

Sounds like he wants her to be his next bride. An ex pop princess....good Lord!!

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

She comes from a wealthy family - her father Robin Reid was a major player in the Port industry