Thursday, February 20, 2020

Ileana's betrothal will be canceled

February 20, 1930

It now seems likely that the engagement between Princess Ileana of Romania and Count Alexander von Hochberg will now be "accepted as definitely dissolved," although no formal announcement has been made, reports the New York Times.

The Dowager Queen Marie spoke to her daughter yesterday about "all the developments in the affair" and Princess Ileana said she was in favor of ending her engagement.

Earlier today, the Queen and her daughter left Bucharest for Constanza, where they will board a ship to travel to Alexandria, Egypt, on a "voyage of indefinite length."

The Princess has taken "great pains to hide her feelings" as she said good bye to members of her family.  Her mother, however, looked "deeply depressed."

It is expected that the official announcement will be made within the next few days, when the Princess and the Queen will be on their way to Egypt.

The Princess's adjutant, Colonel Manulescu, who was responsible for the announcement of the engagement at a ball at the Predeal Sporting Club last month, has been relieved of his duties.  He has been made "the scapegoat" for making the original announcement "in the most unsuitable circumstances" and without the queen's approval.

Friends of Ileana's older brother, Crown Prince Carol, have suggested that this incident is "proof of the necessity" for Carol's return.  As head of the royal house he would have been "able to protect his sister's name."

But is is Ileana who is suffering greatly as her "feelings have been treated with scant delicacy by those who launched attacks against her prospective bridegroom."

It is understood that inquiries into Count Alexander's past have been "extended into his financial circumstances."   His father, the Prince of Pless, is  wealthy man with large estates, but this does not mean that his second son will benefit from the family's wealth.

Bucharest newspapers have ceased to report about the aborted engagement, although it is a topic of conversation in Bucharest.  There is "unqualified sympathy" for Princess Ileana.

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