Sunday, February 3, 2019

Breaking News: Young Baroness killed herself same time as Rudolf

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February 3, 1889

Sensational news was leaked out today about a "beautiful young Baroness committed suicide by taking poison at Mayerling" at the same time Crown Prince Rudolf took his life.   According to the New York Times, the "two acts were committed simultaneously."

The name of the young woman has not been made public.

Earlier today, the parents of the Crown Princess, the King, and Queen of the Belgians "prayed for a long time" at the bier of the late Crown Prince.

It is understood that the Prince of Wales will make a private visit to Vienna to attend the funeral.

There are also reports that Kaiser Wilhelm II has sent a telegram to Emperor Franz Josef stating "that it is his intention to waive all etiquette" to attend Rudolf's funeral.  The Emperor responded by telegraph "his most since thanks " but hopes that Wilhelm will forego his intention to come to Vienna.

Tsar Alexander III will send his younger brother, Grand Duke Alexis to the funeral.

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