Friday, November 9, 2018

Consent given to the Duke of the Abruzzi's marriage

November 9, 1908

The marriage between the Duke of the Abruzzi and Miss Katherine Elkins will take place in Rome or Turin in 1909, according to the Daily Express.

The London-based newspaper "claims to have authority to state that the king and members of the royal family wish for the marriage to be solemnized in Italy with State ceremonies so that the nation may participate.

King Vittorio Emanuele's consent has been obtained and Miss Elkins will be recognized "as a royal princess."  Queen Elena has been a "strong supporter" of the young American woman throughout.

It is understood that the newlyweds will live in Turin in a new wing now being built to the palace.

However, according to the Washington Post,  Miss Elkins' family states that there has  been "no change in the status" of the couple's relationship and "no definite announcement of any sort" is expected in the near future.

A formal announcement will come from Italy and not from Miss Elkins' family.  There are too many "unauthorized and speculative stories regarding the affair," which have annoyed Senator Elkins and his family.

The stories about a special dowry are "erroneous," as well as "unjust to the young couple."

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